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Feb 27

Check Out The Top Seven Tricks To Save Up To 280 On Your Car Insurance}

Posted on Monday, February 27, 2017 in Gps Tracking

Check out the top seven tricks to save up to 280 on your car insurance


Brijesh B.

It is a well-known fact that car insurance premiums are soaring more than ever before. In fact, this year the cost of car insurance was 12%/100 higher than what it was last year. On top of this, the rising cost of petrol is making matters worse for an average UK driver.

The month of August recorded an average car insurance premium of 525 which soared to 549 in September, 572 in the following month and 597 in November. The rising petrol costs are adding to the agony and to top it up the chancellor has declared a 20% increase in the insurance premium tax.

However, there are various methods to cut down the overall car insurance costs. A prudent driver can apply these methods to slash the costs and make some good savings. By reducing overspending and applying tight budgeting techniques, you can actually save around 280 on your car insurance. You can start afresh in 2017 and make car insurance cost cutting the latest New Year resolution.

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Most tried and tested tips to cut down car insurance costs:

Shop around for the cheapest deals: It goes without saying that you need to analyse which motor insurance provider can offer you the cheapest deals. For this, you need to have a fair comparison between all the UK motor insurance providers to check out their quotes. An online price comparison expert like FreePriceCompare can be a big help as we offer free comparison service to get you the most suitable car insurers across the UK.

Only add the regular drivers to the policy: Your policy must include drivers who would drive the car for a few days or more. Do not add your ageing parents just for the sake of reducing the premium cost. This may not go down well with the insurer and you may end up losing the insurance policy.

Safeguard the no-claims bonus: No-claims bonus is an important method of reducing the overall insurance cost. By not making frequent claims every now and then, you can actually leverage the possibility of a 90% discount on premium that would otherwise cost hundreds of pounds.

Modify the car with modern tracking devices: You can actually get your vehicle fitted with a few safety devices like the Black Box, alarm, tracking device and immobiliser to minimise the insurance cost. By adding such technical devices that add to the efficiency of your vehicle, you become a contender of a 5% discount on the insurance premiums.

Cut down the miles: If you can slash your vehicles annual mileage then you can expect a good discount in premiums. By reducing mileage by 5,000 miles, a 35 year old driver can save around 50 a year in premiums. The savings would double if you reduce mileage by 10,000 miles and so on. However, you need to be honest about mileage as tricks of any kind could lead to the policy becoming void.

Choose cars that repel insurance cost: Motor insurance costs are dependent on the type and model of the vehicle. SUVs pull higher premiums while cars with different models and smaller engines can save you some big money on the cover.

Use the garage: Insurers consider drivers more responsible when they keep their vehicles inside their garage. Cars kept outside on the streets have a higher risk of getting stolen and therefore, the driver has to pay higher premiums.

The above mentioned tips can actually reduce your overall motor insurance cost by a big margin. Apply them to save big on your car insurance cost in 2017!

Author Bio:Brijesh is a financial advisor at and a passionate blogger. He writes on personal finance and money-saving tips. He suggests all UK motorists to compare car insurance quotes before accepting renewal quote with existing supplier. When he isn’t writing, he is spending time to find advance technique of farming and its way of applying. He also plays his guitar gifted by his father.

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Dec 3

How To Choose A Home Security Camera?}

Posted on Saturday, December 3, 2016 in Gps Tracking

Submitted by: Geolin Li

Who doesnt care about safety and security? A question is far out of any doubts. However, everyones need for home security is different and, therefore, they should consider some real matters to choose the best one for home. Best Home Security Camera is possible when it meets up the demands as we are discussing here. For deciding for a Surveillance camera at home, you need to consider two facts about your property worth and personal or family privacy. However, more often these two terms are conflicting with each other and so, choosing the Surveillance security camera will become tougher sometimes. However, we tried to discuss assessing those problems and making a choice.

Checking Property Requirements and Needs

In assessing a Surveillance Security Camera needs for your property, it is not much ethical and so, you need to get the closer view of your home from outside. All the structures, buildings, trees need to cover and take notes of people who are walking on your property. For these purpose, you have to get some outdoor home security camera. However, often they will not help you out in a minimal number. Because the view will not cover the whole area and so, you need to check all the positions and list them down for viewing your property through a Surveillance Security Camera. Some important notes are here for you to choose the surveillance camera for different positions of your home.

*Wide lens or PTZ camera can cover the open yard.

*Bullet camera is to cover the entry of the front porch.

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*Night vision or infrared camera can do better in no light entry places like any streetlight zones.

*For long driveways, you need multiple cameras.

*Wireless cameras are useful for easy installation in slope lands or inaccessible areas.

*For Extreme weather condition, you have to choose some real weather resistant tools.

Checking Your Family/Personal Needs

All that you need to assess the needs of you and your family to choose the best home security camera. The family needs can differ to people. It may need your children to protect from making any crime or the baby birth time in a long camera recording. However, you need to consider some more aspects for choosing your surveillance camera.

*Entry cameras can see who is coming from the front door.

*To check people before getting close to home, you need cameras through the walkways or driveways.

*Use wide lens infrared camera for calamity night.

*You can keep hidden cameras for valuable things to monitor.

*For watching your animals, you can keep some cameras.

*Outdoor home security camera need to control from inside the home from your Smartphone or PC.

Therefore, you check the above considerations for outdoor home security camera. After checking your need, find some excellent brands for home security camera with different features and design that can meet your demands. Try to list down all the properties and considerations that you need for your family. Check the best home security camera with no hassling in installation, support for repairing and getting a warranty and Kingsbuying will be most helpful. This article will help you indeed for your choosing the best outdoor home security camera.

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