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Feb 18

Is An Ominous Scratching Sound Coming From Your Hard Disk?

Posted on Saturday, February 18, 2017 in Financial Services

By James Wallis

Hard Disk Drive Crash

Take the case of computer systems. We become so used to working on the computer on a regular basis that we are rarely ready to face the consequences if things go wrong. This is truer of a computer hard disk drive crash than of anything else. It comes like a bolt from the blue and disturbs our entire way of functioning.

It might be that when one tries to switch on the computer it simply refuses to boot. All efforts in that direction come to no avail and the screen remains blank. Besides this an ominous scratching sound may start to emanate from the disk. This is a serious problem. It is indicative of nothing less than a crash of the hard disk drive.

Functioning of a Hard Disk Drive

In order to understand the problem of a hard disk drive crash, it is important to first understand the mechanism of a hard drive. Only after knowing how the disk drive functions can one understand the nature of the problem.


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Hard Disk Platter: A hard disk platter is a circular disk within the hard disk drive. It is circular in shape and the magnetic media of the disk drive is stored on it. Generally multiple platters are mounted on a single spindle of the hard disk drive.

Read-Write Head: The read-write heads of the hard disk drives are those mechanisms that, as the name suggests read or write the data from the magnetic fields of the platters.

Lubricant Layer: This is the topmost layer of the platters and is made of a substance similar to Teflon.

Carbon: There is a layer of sputtered carbon just below the lubricant layer.

Magnetic Layer: This is below the layer of carbon.


The magnetic layer of the hard disk drive stores all the data. The two layers of carbon and the lubricant like material saves this magnetic layer from coming into accidental contact with the read-write head of the disk.

The platters move at an exceptional speed and the data is read from, or written on to, the magnetic layer by the read-write head which flies above the surface of the platter. As the read-write head flies over the platter surface its height is controlled by a thin film or layer of air entrapped between the platters and the slider surface of the read-write head.

If the read-write head comes into direct contact with the surface of the disk platters then the head can scratch through the protective layers of sputtered carbon and the lubricant material. This is called a head crash or a hard disk drive crash.

Cause of a Hard Disk Drive Crash

The cause of a head crash can be a minute particle causing the read-write head to bounce against the platter disk. The head is made of hard materials that can scratch through all the protective layers. If the head bounces against the platter while the latter is rotating at a speed equivalent to thousands of revolutions per minute then the head is bound to scratch the platter surface.

This destroys the magnetic layer of the platters. If the head begins to drag over the platter then the data loss can be tremendous. Besides this the head will end up overheating making at least parts of the hard disk drive temporarily unusable. Even the possibility of further head crashes increases as particulate freed on account of one head crash are scraped on to the platter surface.


The only remedy to this untoward incident will be to switch off the computer system immediately. Having shut the system, a professional data recovery company should be contacted without any further delay. Trying to reboot the system is bound to complicate the matters further. One should always keep in mind that in case of a hard disk drive crash, there is little, in fact nothing that can be done by an untrained individual. Any delay in contacting the professionals or attempts to remedy the situation may destroy data permanently.

About the Author: James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you are concerned about data loss and would like more information on Data Recovery see


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Dec 11

The World Of Real Estate Is Changing, The Emergence Of Rent To Own And Lease To Own

Posted on Sunday, December 11, 2016 in Financial Services

By Bob Mandel

The new economy is bringing together more sellers who can’t sell their houses today and buyers who can’t buy today. Selling a home is like any type of sale where there are two parties trying to make a deal. If one door is shut another one can open or it’s a no deal. This is giving birth to the Rent to own option.

This week I have been confronted with sellers or Buyers 6 times interested in this option. We did one yesterday. The scenario was a seller who has been on he market for 8 months. They were listed previously with a full service company with no offers and moved out of state where they bought another house. Their house was modestly priced but they still could not get anyone to buy it and take advantage of the tax rebate program. Every month that went by they were laying out $1100. They were considering renting and then an opportunity arose this week.

A qualified couple indicated that they wanted to purchase the home but needed to sell their home in Washington. They proposed renting until their home sold and then would close on ours. My seller agreed to do the deal even though they would lose $200 a month on the rent.

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The math worked. If they take the house and close in 5 months that is equivalent to 1 month of $1100 that they would have to lay out and now they have a buyer instead of a vacant house which costs more to maintain and riskier to watch over from out of state.

There is always a down side to Rent to owns as far as risk of a tenant that messes up the house, or that you have to evict for not paying the rent.

So, what type of Rent2Own person doesn’t have credit problems? Young people who have good credit but don’t have 2 years of employment history coming out of college with good jobs like Nursing or Teaching or other professions with student debt. Young people who have no history of credit that always paid cash. Divorcees who are getting a significant divorce settlement. People who are waiting for an inheritance or lawsuit settlement are part of the people that would be looking for the Rent2Own option and are great candidates in a tight market. There are also people who can gifts from family, but do not have the employment history yet. Another possibility is a Rent2Own person who has a co-signor on the option agreement assuring that the person occupying the home will be guranteed to get a loan within the defined period of time.

In a perfect world this would not be the best option for the seller. But, our world is far from perfect. The Subslimers have made our world harder to sell homes and flexibility is they key to come up with the next best solution if you can’t sell. Holding on to a house can cause foreclosures, and bankruptcies, which will affect property values. Rent to owns are better then renters as they have a vested interest to keep up the house since they will lose earnest money if they can’t perform. With the low interest rates of today, many more people will be seeking out this option

About the Author: Bob Mandel is a Broker and Advocate for change in the real estate industry. Bob is passionate about assisting buyers and sellers and is an advocate for Columbia SC Rent To Own deals that benefit both parties.


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