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Oct 19

Catering Terms Event Planners Need To Know

Posted on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 in Event Planning

By Stewart Wrighter

If you work in the event planning business, you probably have a lot of experience with other professionals who are part of putting together a great event. You will be dealing with caterers more than any other professional, so you need to understand their special language. There are terms used in most professional fields and if you know the shorthand, you can get by just fine. BBQ catering and corporate catering professionals will use a lot of the same words, so no matter what the purpose of your event, you will understand what is happening. If you are new to event planning, it is important to have a general idea what is going on. You do not want to have to stop the caterer every few minutes and ask what he is talking about. Take time to do your research, look up the terms, and understand everything that is going on during your event.

The first term you need to know is Sommelier. A Sommelier is a catering expert that specializes in wine. He or she must be educated in a certain way and pass tests in order to call themselves a Sommelier. Tasting is another term and it is often associated with wines. However, it also applies to an event that takes place prior to an event. A tasting allows you to sample the foods or beverages that you will be serving at your event. When having a tasting, make sure your caterer pairs the beverages that will be served with the food and that you sample each and everything that will be served at the event.

The pre-head is another term that applies to things that occurs leading up the event. Per-head is the way in which most caterers charge for their services. You will likely pay per guest, which is the ‘head’ and you will need to pay based on your total given before the event, whether that is who attends the event or not. When working with a caterer, be sure to ask how they handle charges for other vendors you are responsible for having to feed, as well as children who are likely to eat less than adults.

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There are several options for food service when hosting an event. You will be able to choose from butler style, white glove service, family style, plated or sit-down dinners, and buffets. Each of these is a different style in terms of formality, so it will set the tone for other things at your event. For instance, buffet style meals are rarely served buffet style. Likewise, it is unusual for white glove service to occur at an event that is casual.

In addition to food service, there are different ways of providing the guests at your event with drinks. You can have a cash bar which requires guests to pay for their own drinks. This is not all that different than going into a restaurant or bar for a drink. No-host bar is the same as cash bar and means guests are paying their own way. A beer and wine bar means guests can drink as much beer and wine as they choose, but no hard liquor is served. Host bar means the event hosts are paying for the drinks and there is probably a time limit. Open bar means the hosts have paid and guests are not responsible for payment. Open and host bar are pretty much the same thing.

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Oct 17

Wikinews’ overview of the year 2007

Wikinews’ overview of the year 2007
Posted on Monday, October 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Monday, December 31, 2007

What would you tell your grandchildren about 2007 if they asked you about it in, let’s say, 20 year’s time? If the answer to a quiz question was 2007, what would the question be? The year that you first signed on to Facebook? The year Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse fell apart? The year author Kurt Vonnegut or mime Marcel Marceau died, both at 84?

Let’s take a look at some of the international stories of 2007. Links to the original Wikinews articles are in bold.

Oct 1

My Own Medical Insurance Didnt Deal With Me, Don’t Allow This Specific Get Lucky And A Person!

Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2016 in Medicine

Submitted by: Lonny Edster

We all need to possess health insurance, and also for anyone who is are generally self employed, or even are unable to get insurance policy out of your workplace, you will need to look into getting personal medical health insurance. Insurance policy all on your own is usually a lot more expensive compared to when you are getting this from your company, so that it will pay to look about and get the best coverage for you.

Although they’re referred to as person policies, they usually could protect your husband or wife along with children also. On the other hand, whenever you make application for a policy, there isn’t a assure that states you will end up accepted with an personal policy. If you have got particular health problems, due to the fact that policy can be medically underwritten, the insurance provider might reject you, or increase relegations for a plan. There are several says that will make this training outlawed, which signifies that wellbeing insurance firms will have to provide you with a policy, what ever medicals problems you will find.

Those people who are older or even that are within poor wellbeing, will need to pay increased premiums than people who find themselves more youthful as well as in excellent health.

YouTube Preview Image

Understanding just how health insurance can be priced is among the most confusing elements of buying particular person medical insurance, therefore researching various organizations and his or her prices could make a big difference within the sum you spend regarding medical health insurance.

In case you are hunting for personal health care insurance, don’t let all of the misunderstandings cause you to shy away from obtaining a coverage. Actually pertaining to people who will be in excellent well being, 1 crash could terrain a person in economic danger with out health insurance. A number of questions to consider when choosing particular person medical insurance tend to be:

Should i need to preserve my personal current doctor? If you have your doctor that you will such as, this can determine whether a great HMO or perhaps PPO plan’s best for you. In case you have a good HMO, and then you must make use of their medical doctors, yet any PPO program will certainly allow you to utilize the physician that you pick.

How much does it require me to pay up front, and just how significantly will certainly my payments always be each month? Would it be wise that i can pay out more with regard to lower up front costs? To get a thorough health program that doesn’t have many a lot poorer expenses, a good HMO may be precisely what you are looking for. Nonetheless, should you be in your Twenties or even 30’s, don’t have kids, and have additional money saved up, you save money through merely getting insurance plan pertaining to devastating health problems. This will signify you will need to shell out of pocket for any tests or even medical professional appointments.

Just how much healthcare will certainly my own family will need? Consider any kind of solutions which will be essental to your loved ones regularly. If someone offers asthma attack in the family, do they really require with an bronchial asthma professional to control their illness?

When you’re able to go to the trouble for you to evaluate and consider the health insurance plan you and your family need, it could make buying personal health care insurance much less challenging, along with provide the health insurance you and your family have to have at a rate that you’ll be able to experience as well.

About the Author: Lots of resources on the industry and consumer confidence is a specialtyall sorts of facts are avaliable to you online about medical insurance coverage, don’t abide by it blindly, let us demonstrate whats true and more importantly whats relevant to you


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Oct 1

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon undergoes emergency surgery

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon undergoes emergency surgery
Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon underwent emergency surgery at Hadassah Medical Center in Israel to treat intestinal damage revealed by a recent computed tomography, better known as a CT scan. The Chief Surgeon said, “Sharon is out of danger, for the moment. His condition is stable and the surgery was a success.” Sharon is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital.

Yesterday doctors treating Sharon had noticed a swollen abdomen and ordered a CT scan on his torso and found the damage to his intestine. Later tests had shown that part of the large intestine had developed necrosis and needed to be immediately removed.

Hospital director Shlomo Mor-Yosef stated a press conference that there were “no complications” during surgery. “His (Sharon’s) key problem is lack of consciousness. There is no significant change in his condition. Doctors did not find any occluded artery and there were no blood vessels blocked. He is stable but in critical condition at this time and he is in no immediate danger at this moment.”

Yosef also said that Sharon’s sons and family had met earlier and decided to go forward with the surgery and treatment.

Doctors removed at least 50cm of Sharon’s large intestine.

Yosef also said that possible reasons as to why Sharon’s intestine was damaged were, “maybe infection or decline of blood supply to the intestine.” Yosef also said that the surgery was both a “routine procedure” and “not a dramatic” one. “Hospitals perform these operations sometimes two or three times a day,” he added.

Yael Bossem-Levy, a spokesman for Hadassah Medical Center said earlier that, “the prime minister’s life is in danger. His condition is now very serious, or critical. Sharon’s digestive tract has undergone severe deterioration while he’s been unconscious, and there appears to be a blockage in his blood circulation. The restricted blood flow raised the possibility of necrosis, or death of tissue, in the intestines.”

Levy also stated that Sharon’s condition has “deteriorated to its most critical point since his admission.”

The 77 year-old leader has been hospitalized since January 4th, after suffering a massive stroke which left him comatose. This is his seventh surgery since his hospitalization.

Sharon has been hospitalized for thirty-nine days, and has been on a feeding tube for two weeks.

Oct 1

Vitamin D deficiency more common, serious, than thought

Vitamin D deficiency more common, serious, than thought
Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

Friday, November 2, 2007

Two scientists working at McGill University in Canada, reporting on their research and the research of other scientists, state in Scientific American that Vitamin D may have many uses in the human body besides building strong bones.

According to the scientists, Luz E. Tavera-Mendoza and John H. White, Vitamin D intake may also be beneficial in the prevention of cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and fighting tuberculosis, influenza and inflammatory bowel disease. The researchers say that there is an emerging “widespread consensus” among experts that a large part of the population has levels of Vitamin D in their bodies that is well below optimal concentrations for health, particularly in temperate regions, due to decreased sunlight and or less time outdoors, and during or just after the winter months. One study indicated that as many as 92% of adolescent girls in Northern Europe may have deficient levels of Vitamin D and 37% have severely deficient levels.

The problem is far worse among African-Americans than Americans with lighter skin. Almost half of African-American women may be seriously Vitamin D deficient, with presumably still another fraction deficient. Furthermore, the authors say researchers at Harvard University and elsewhere believe the FDA minimum recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D is far too low. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) ranges from 200 to 600 International Units (IU). In fact, the authors themselves take Vitamin D supplements. The first author takes 1000 IU during wintertime and the second author takes 5,000 IU in wintertime. They do caution, however, that there is a level at which Vitamin D becomes toxic.

Similar research has also been recently performed by researchers at the Queensland University of Technology who found that many elderly were likely not getting sufficient Vitamin D due in part to insufficient exposure to the sun.

Sep 30

10 Untapped Tips To Drop Body Fat Fast}

Posted on Friday, September 30, 2016 in Structures

10 untapped tips to drop body fat fast


E.L. Forestal

Getting in shape and cutting fat can be difficult if you’re constantly going from one diet fad to another. Here is a list of 10 tips that will help you get started in the area of quick fat loss. You can use these tips in figuring out if any diet or quick fat loss plan is a good program or not. Regardless of what diet plan you are currently on these tips will only help accelerate your fat loss even more.

10 tips to quick fat loss

1. Stop eating just 3 large meals a day. Beginning today, eat 5-6 small meals daily. You’ll be eating more often but not necessarily more. Eating 5-6 times a day will keep your metabolism revved up, which causes your body to burn more fat. Make sure that your meals are not loaded with simple carbs instead go with whole grain foods.

YouTube Preview Image

2. Drink less soda and more water. You will see immediate results by simply trashing the sugary soft drinks in favor of water.

3. Slow down your eating. Research shows that the longer you take to chew your food the less food you will consume. In addition by slowing down your eating, your stomach will have enough time to send signals to your brain telling it that it’s full.

4. Get involved in some sort of low impact activity. Try walking around your neigborhood for 15-20 minutes. Any exercise is better than nothing so try doing a brisk walk around the block.

5.Stop eating out instead cook your meals at home. In the long run you’ll save money and control your portion size. I know it’s easy to order fast food everyday but trust me it’s doing more harm than good.

6. Stay away from sugary foods. That includes candy, soda or anything from a bag or box. If you didn’t know it or not sugar will add weight to your frame even if the label reads fat free.

7. Try green tea for fat loss. Research shows that Green tea has antioxidants, which stimulates weight loss.

8. Eat fiber rich foods. Shop for foods that are high in fiber (whole wheat bread, potato, nuts, grain) you’ll feel satisfied longer.

9. Don’t go heavy on the dressing instead go light. Dressing, sauces and other condiments should be limited because of the carbs, sugar and fats.

10. Shed the pounds and keep it off permanently. A staggering amount of people who have experienced weight loss gain it back plus more. It is important to not let up on your diet. Watch what you eat and don’t fall back into your old habits or you can quickly gain the weight back that you worked so hard to lose.

If you follow these 10 easy tips, you’ll be on your way to quick fat loss.

E.L Forestal is a Certified Personal Trainer, former college football All-American. His popular workout program,

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10 untapped tips to drop body fat fast


Sep 26

Boat Trailers Are Not One Size Fits All

Posted on Monday, September 26, 2016 in Dance

By J. Lloyd

Buying a boat is a dream come true for many. They provide a great outlet for getting away from it all, kicking back and relaxing. Buying the boat, however, isn’t where the shopping ends. Boat trailers are necessary purchases for anyone that wants to transport their new purchase from lake to lake or sea to sea. These handy devices aren’t one size fits all though.

Buying boat trailers isn’t at all unlike buying a boat itself. The options on the trailer market are pretty plentiful and some research will be necessary to make sure the trailer purchased is the right one for the boat in question. A trailer than handles a John boat, for example, likely won’t be the best for hauling a cabin cruiser. Trailers can run the gamut, too, from those with every imaginable bell and whistle to more simplistic versions. What works and what doesn’t for a particular boat and budget will be the biggest questions to address in advance.

Some things to consider when looking at boat trailers include:

* Size of the boat. This is a paramount concern when looking at trailers. It’s important to make sure the boat you’ve purchased will fit snuggly on the trailer. Look at manufacturer recommendations on size and weight before choosing a particular trailer over another.

YouTube Preview Image

* Safety features. Good trailers offer their buyers a number of safety features to ensure the boat, its owners and other people on the road are safe during transport. This can range from special locking mechanisms to break and turn lights. The lights, however, will likely be required by law, so it’s not a good idea to consider a trailer with this necessary feature.

* Ease features. There are manual boat trailers and then there are those that come with special devices to make loading and unloading a bit easier on their users. Adjustable trailers are chosen by many simply because it makes hauling a snap.

* Pricing. Boat trailers can cost a lot of money or they can be fairly inexpensive. It’s a good idea to decide on a budget before going out and shopping. A trailer with every bell and whistle might not fit a budget, but one that’s safe and secure very likely will be.

* Performance reports. There will be a lot riding on a trailer, so it’s a good idea to check the reputations of different makes and models before deciding to buy a particular brand. Check with consumer reporting agencies and even look up past reports from owners to see how trailers fare.

* Hauling vehicle. Some trailers are meant to work with any type of hauling vehicle, but others are designed more specifically to work with trucks. Make sure the trailer you’re looking at fits the vehicle in question.

Buying a boat can be a great way to get away from it all. There’s just something about hitting the open water to kick back and relax that helps make a week of workaday grind melt away. Whether it’s for sailing, cruising, skiing or fishing, however, all boats that will be transported need good boat trailers. Do some research in advance, and this purchase should be a snap.

About the Author: For more information on boats, try visiting – a website that specializes in providing boat related tips, advice and resources to include information on

boat trailers.


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Sep 26

Gay Talese on the state of journalism, Iraq and his life

Gay Talese on the state of journalism, Iraq and his life
Posted on Monday, September 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gay Talese wants to go to Iraq. “It so happens there is someone that’s working on such a thing right now for me,” the 75-year-old legendary journalist and author told David Shankbone. “Even if I was on Al-Jazeera with a gun to my head, I wouldn’t be pleading with those bastards! I’d say, ‘Go ahead. Make my day.'”

Few reporters will ever reach the stature of Talese. His 1966 profile of Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, was not only cited by The Economist as the greatest profile of Sinatra ever written, but is considered the greatest of any celebrity profile ever written. In the 70th anniversary issue of Esquire in October 2003, the editors declared the piece the “Best Story Esquire Ever Published.”

Talese helped create and define a new style of literary reporting called New Journalism. Talese himself told National Public Radio he rejects this label (“The term new journalism became very fashionable on college campuses in the 1970s and some of its practitioners tended to be a little loose with the facts. And that’s where I wanted to part company.”)

He is not bothered by the Bancrofts selling The Wall Street Journal—”It’s not like we should lament the passing of some noble dynasty!”—to Rupert Murdoch, but he is bothered by how the press supported and sold the Iraq War to the American people. “The press in Washington got us into this war as much as the people that are controlling it,” said Talese. “They took information that was second-hand information, and they went along with it.” He wants to see the Washington press corp disbanded and sent around the country to get back in touch with the people it covers; that the press should not be so focused on–and in bed with–the federal government.

Augusten Burroughs once said that writers are experience junkies, and Talese fits the bill. Talese–who has been married to Nan Talese (she edited James Frey‘s Million Little Piece) for fifty years–can be found at baseball games in Cuba or the gay bars of Beijing, wanting to see humanity in all its experience.

Below is Wikinews reporter David Shankbone’s interview with Gay Talese.


  • 1 On Gay Talese
  • 2 On a higher power and how he’d like to die
  • 3 On the media and Iraq
  • 4 On the Iraq War
  • 5 State of Journalism
  • 6 On travel to Cuba
  • 7 On Chinese gay bars
  • 8 On the literary canon
  • 9 Sources
Sep 26


Posted on Monday, September 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

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  • 11 June 2016: Lawsuit filed against Ed Sheeran for his single Photograph
  • 22 April 2016: Musician Prince dies aged 57
  • 18 February 2016: Taylor Swift’s 1989 wins Grammy’s Record of the year; Bad Blood wins the Best Music Video
  • 17 February 2016: ‘Earned It’ earns The Weeknd his first Grammy
  • 16 February 2016: Ed Sheeran wins Song of Year Grammy for Thinking Out Loud
  • 21 August 2015: Cilla Black funeral held in Liverpool
  • 25 June 2015: Petition pressures City of Edinburgh Council to review clause affecting live music scene
  • 13 June 2015: English actor Christopher Lee dies aged 93
  • 30 May 2015: U2 tour manager, Dennis Sheehan dies in Los Angeles hotel room at 68
  • 28 May 2015: B.B. King’s daughters allege blues musician was poisoned
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Sep 26

Russian choreographer Igor Moiseyev dies at age 101

Russian choreographer Igor Moiseyev dies at age 101
Posted on Monday, September 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

Friday, November 2, 2007

Igor Moiseyev, who has been widely acclaimed as the greatest 20th-century choreographer of folk dance, has died today after a long illness. He was 101 years old.

Born Igor Alexandrovich Moiseyev on January 21, 1906 in Kiev, Moiseyev graduated from the Bolshoi Theatre ballet school in 1924 and danced in the theatre until 1939. His first choreography in the Bolshoi was Footballer in 1930 and the last was Spartacus in 1954.

Since the early 1930s, he staged acrobatic parades on Red Square and finally came up with the idea of establishing the Theatre of Folk Art. In 1936, Vyacheslav Molotov put him in charge of the new dance company, which has since been known as the Moiseyev Ballet. Among about 200 dances he created for his company, some humorously represented the game of football and guerrilla warfare. After visiting Belarus he choreographed a Belarusian “folk” dance Bulba (“Potato”), which over the years indeed became a Belarusian folk dance. According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, Moiseyev’s work has been especially admired “for the balance that it maintained between authentic folk dance and theatrical effectiveness”.

Moiseyev was named People’s Artist of the USSR in 1953, Hero of Socialist Labor in 1976, received the Lenin Prize (1967, for the dance show A Road to the Dance), four USSR State Prizes (1942, 1947, 1952, 1985), Russian Federation State Prize (1996), was awarded numerous orders and medals of the Soviet Union, Spain, and many other countries. On the day of his centenary, Moiseyev became the first Russian to receive Order for the Merits before the Fatherland, 1st class — the highest civilian decoration of the Russian Federation.